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On Demand Services-Choose Convenience WITH Confidence

Push button solutions are in demand both at home and in the workplace.  At their best, they are simple and efficient.  Press a button, and laundry detergent arrives 2 days later; no trip to the market required.  Press another button, and you’ll soon be en route to your destination without the hassle of driving or worse […]

Spring Maintenance: Part 1-Home Exterior

  As a Hopkinton resident, Marathon Monday signals the true beginning of Spring. On Patriots Day we watch the runners parade through town, and then I, without fanfare, ingloriously report home and officially begin Spring Maintenance. At my house, Spring Maintenance is broken into three phases which are tackled separately, with a simple checklist, a can-do […]

Managed Services; Not just for IT but for YOU

Managed Services; Not just for IT, but for YOU What are managed services, and are they applicable to me?  At the highest level, managed services, offer solutions by which clients are able to apply the infrastructure or product of a 3rd party, to their own business, without the overhead or expertise otherwise necessary to offer […]