Push button solutions are in demand both at home and in the workplace.  At their best, they are simple and efficient.  Press a button, and laundry detergent arrives 2 days later; no trip to the market required.  Press another button, and you’ll soon be en route to your destination without the hassle of driving or worse yet, parking. Push button on-demand services are great, until they are not.Take for example the guy, whose schedule prohibited him from keeping up with his lawn.  Tech savvy he is, he had no reservations about pushing a button for lawn care.  What he did not bargain for, was the also-included “haul-away service” of his lawnmower.  What happened?The lawnmower example brings to light a flaw in consumer behavior.  In this case the convenience of immediate lawn maintenance usurped all other considerations:
  • Who is coming to my home?
  • Are they qualified for the job?
  • Do they have local references?
  • Will they steal my lawnmower?
When seeking service providers Convenience is key, but Confidence is king. So how do we schedule coveted convenient services without sacrificing our confidence in deliverables?  Trust, but verify.This especially rings true for coordinating services for home maintenance and repair. Maintaining a property entails managing multiple contacts for a multitude of services.  This is necessary.  This is NOT convenient.Enter My Estate Concierge, a full-service, single point of contact company located right here in Metro-West Boston. “MEC” offers the convenience of managed home maintenance and service, delivered with the confidence and peace of mind only a personal relationship can deliver.For more info or to schedule an in-home consultation, please visit our website or email alex@myestateconcierge.com.Choose convenience with confidence.  Don’t lose your lawnmower (or your shirt).


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