Records Management

Why are we furnished with user manuals and warranties for our most mundane purchases, yet, when we need critical information on our most valued asset, our home, we are out of luck?

You need product warranty info. to replace an appliance. Your shingles are failing. What color shade of beige is the guest bathroom? Where do you even start?

Likely, your home came with a physical binder full of pertinent, home-related maintenance, product, and warranty information that was stowed away after closing never to be seen again.

Where is it? Is it sortable? Is it backed up?

Digital Home Records with MEC

Safe and efficient for you and your family.

  • Convert paper-based, or binder held home information into a searchable, sortable and approachable online file
  • Keep an organized record of your property and peace of mind that you have the complete description of all maintenance
  • Maintain your home records in shareable cloud storage for on demand access to every maintenance visit, warranty and upgrade
  • Leverage your home maintenance records and data at the sale of your home to reinforce your asking price and tangibly demonstrate upkeep practices
  • Waterproof-Fireproof-Childproof-Puppyproof

*Available to Home Owners and General Contractors