Managed Services; Not just for IT, but for YOU

What are managed services, and are they applicable to me?  At the highest level, managed services, offer solutions by which clients are able to apply the infrastructure or product of a 3rd party, to their own business, without the overhead or expertise otherwise necessary to offer said services.

A quick Google lookup of “Why use managed services?” will offer a plethora of reasons for the popularity of this offering type:

  1. Efficiency
  2. Cost effectiveness
  3. Ability to leverage provider resources
    1. Tech
    2. Knowledge
    3. Support
    4. Personnel

Managed Services have transformed the way Tech is developed and utilized, but why have other business sectors lagged behind with this offering? And, more importantly, how can we take advantage of managed services away from the office, and in our everyday lives?

The simple reason for the gap between supply (“where are they?”) of managed services and demand (“we want them!”) is scale. Tech is built for scale; designed for rollout out to the masses with controlled impact on provider resources. Despite would-be client demand, the inability to scale labor resources renders managed services nearly obsolete outside of tech. But oh, the possibilities…

Take for example, a managed service offering for your home, or your life. An “easy button” if you will, to schedule home maintenance or assist with daily tasks: Clean the gutters, take me to the airport, set up my lawn furniture, put it away, hang my holiday lights, fix my leaky faucet, tune my AC, check on my home while I’m away, fill my fridge, clean the house, trim by shrubs. You get the picture. That would be nice. Well, now, that IS nice.

My Estate Concierge is now offering managed services to the luxury home market in the Greater Boston area. Our services are not tech (although we can help there), so availability is limited. Explore our site to see how we streamline client home and life maintenance, with a Single Point of Contact, one satisfied customer at a time.


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